The ARS IUVENUM organisation has been established in 2008 as a Public Benefit Organisation. Its foundation has been initiated by parents of children interested in music and other artwork. The main impulse for the foundation was a violin teacher Tuula Sivula – Vacek’s idea to organize summer music workshops in South Bohemia, similar to those arranged annually in Finland, in which Tuula Sivula - Vacek has actively taken part for several decades.


During her work in Finland, Tuula Sivula - Vacek has gained many valuable experiences with organization of intensive holiday music workshops. The aim of these workshops is to arrange meetings among children of similar age and interests, to develop their talent for music and to allow them experience chamber - and orchestra concert playing. Tuula Sivula - Vacek would like to link international music workshops for students from the Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Germany and many other countries to her experience in Finland. The workshops represent a unique opportunity for young musicians to gain new contacts, acquire motivation for music studies and improve their language skills.

Tuula Sivula - Vacek was born in 1958, in Finnish town Keuruu. After school-leaving exams at a high school she dedicated herself to music. She studied the violin at the conservatory in Jyvaskyla and at the same time became a student of Czech musical guru Jan vacek. After exams at academy of music in 1988 she graduated from J. Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. In 1977 Tuula got married and started to focus on pedagogy, in which she is successfully active on long-term basis. With her husband Jan they have been regularly working as teachers during international music workshops in Suolahti, Lapinlahti, Jalasjarvi, Korpilahti, Vaase and Oulu. Mgr. Tuula Sivula - Vacek has been working as a music-master at music-academy in Oulu and Vaasa, where her students have been remarkably successful in various contests and achieved high rating during their exams. She has also attended international violin courses arranged by Emil Kamilarov and Dina Schneidermann in Suolahti.

In 1999 she moved with her family to the Czech Republic. Currently, she lives in České Budějovice. She is also working as a violin teacher of Primary Art School B. Jeremiáš and Conservatory in this town. Her students take part in regional and international competitions where they regularly hold prime positons. Her youngest pupils also practice playing in ensembles.

Tuula Sivula - Vacek uses progressive training methods. She uses and develops these methods in order to make playing the violin easier and more understandable and enjoyable, especially for younger pupils. Tuula Sivula - Vacek has founded two children orchestras named "Otakárek" and "Jeremiášek" where children of 4 years can obtain experience with playing in orchestra. The opportunity to play together with older children represents a crucial motivation for sedulous studies for most of beginning students.